Following the spectacular Grand Opening of the 2014 JCI European Conference in Malta, the Concept Stadium as the official Conference Marketing Partner, took the stage to give a comprehensive workshop on how CSR can be the driver towards sustainable Brand Marketing.

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and Managing Director at the Concept Stadium, presented a well-researched and up-to-date presentation about Corporate Social Responsibility and how this can serve as the key tool towards long-term, high-impact branding.

“CSR has a great deal of meaning, yet companies must learn to understand it in their own way. Today, CSR is not merely a ‘notion’ up in the air, but a strategic component that should be considered as an investment”, emphasised Jonathan Dalli to the JCI European Conference Delegates.

In fact, Jonathan Dalli, who himself is passionate about CSR, suggests that ‘each company must respond in its own unique way, depending on its traditions, ideology, stakeholders’ interests, etc’. “This is also part of our own Corporate Social Responsibility as a Brand Marketing Consultancy, and we’re extremely proud that the Concept Stadium has supported Junior Chamber International (Malta) to bring 1,300 delegates to Malta.

Indeed, CSR goes beyond merely donating money to charity once in a while, it is an abiding philosophy. The task of organisations is to incorporate CSR into their strategy by: conducting organisational activities within the bounds of what is considered ethical and in the general public interest; responding positively to emerging societal priorities and expectations; balancing stockholder interests against the interests of society as a whole; and being a good citizen in the community.