One of the value-propositions of the Concept Stadium, since our foundation 9 years ago, was to ensure we embark on a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility programme to reward the eco-system in which we operate.

We genuinely believe that having a brand with a purpose is also in line with our Commercial Creatives mantra. Along the years, our team has assisted a number of organisations with their societal, environmental and/or marketing requirements in line with our service offering as can be seen here. I am personally very passionate about this and you’ve probably heard me talking about this at some point.

This year, we are proud to be assisting Hospice Malta, a local NGO that provides and promotes free palliative care for persons suffering from life-limiting illnesses. Hospice will be organising a nation-wide fundraiser to sustain the vast array of services provided to their patients and their families tonight, Friday 26th April 2019 during the popular TV programme, Xarabank.

We are proud to have assisted Hospice Malta with their nationwide campaign, on a pro-bono basis. We also feel it is our responsibility, to appeal to you to donate tonight, as this will assist them in their future plan of setting up and running of a complex dedicated entirely to providing free comprehensive palliative care to their patients. This complex will be Malta’s first facility that will significantly enhance the present palliative care services to patients in their own homes and communities.

From my end personally and the rest of the team, It has been a great pleasure for us to work on this campaign, and we count on your support; whilst thanking you in advance.

Jonathan Dalli