Q&A with Jonathan Dalli and Jonathan Chetcuti, co-founders and directors of the Concept Stadium, a fresh local boutique marketing consultancy firm. As published on the Malta Commercial Courier – December 2014 Issue

1. How was the Concept Stadium founded?

We started off as being colleagues in a telecoms company, and we immediately clicked. Must be because we share the same name! We started collaborating on some small client jobs after hours and there was a good synergy as we both have very diverse abilities, but common objectives.

While we both interface with our clients, Jon C (the nicknames our colleagues came up with so as to distinguish between us two) focuses on the visual and technology sides of the client brands, whilst Jon D handles the marketing strategy, business development and general management.

In 2012, we made the leap and left our nine-to-five jobs to set up the Concept Stadium. We started with a handful of supportive clients but thanks to referrals by our own clients, the company started to gather momentum. They entrusted us with all their marketing needs, from designing a business card to managing nation-wide campaigns. We truly would not be here if it weren’t for all our clients, and we’re so thankful to say the least.

We were also admitted as a strategic partner of TAP-Knowledge Network, an open-architecture collaborative network of independent professionals.

2. What differentiates you in the way you work?

We are not solely a design agency, we are the marketing partners of our clients, with an all-round vision thanks to each of our team members’ unique abilities.

Secondly, we are, and have always been, truly client-oriented. We are here because of clients and for clients, handling all jobs in-house.

Needless to say, despite being boutique, we always thrive to deliver a professional service with utmost commitment. When we take on a project, it becomes our own and we always have the client’s best interest from the planning stages through to execution.

3. What personal attributes did you bring to the Concept Stadium?

We all have a passion for creativity and for exceeding expectations. Perhaps more importantly, we share the same ideology when it comes to delivery. Our client is always the star player in our Stadium.

Jon C is the one who drives our creative minds and lets the team contribute their own unique take to a project. On the other hand, Jon D brings the ideas together and helps us build a solid proposition to the client.

Our dedicated team members have also added substantial value to our client offering, and it’s also thanks to their extra efforts that the company keeps moving ahead.

Bottom line is we all love what we do for our clients’ brands!

4. How close is CSR to your practices?

Jon D wrote a whole thesis on how a company can build a unique brand through corporate social responsibility, so incorporating CSR in our business practices is a natural thing. CSR goes beyond simply making a donation. We make a conscious effort to dedicate some of our time to help out the communities we live in.

As an example the Concept Stadium was named Marketing Partner of the 2014 JCI European Conference held in Malta. Our collaboration has since then been extended and we’re always happy to offer our support. Furthermore, we also helped Rotary Club Malta with their marketing requirements in respect of the regional meeting held in Malta earlier this year. We’re also helping other NGOs in their branding and marketing efforts as part of our social responsibility.

5. What’s the latest news from the Concept Stadium?

We have just moved in our new offices at Hardrocks Business Park.

This was the culmination of a very busy year for us, in which we also also hosted an event for one of the world’s top 99 investors – Mr. Anton Tagliaferro.

Jon D has just won The Outstanding Young Person by for his Business and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment in the JCI Awards 2014.

Furthermore, we have also signed a collaboration agreement with Bianco-Arancio, a firm of cutting-edge Italian architects, interior designers and project managers that will enable us to assist clients from a 360-degree view perspective when it comes to branding, project management, interior design and marketing execution.

While it’s healthy to grow our company and our client base, our intention is to never take clients for granted, especially those supporters inside our Stadium!