the Concept Stadium organised and hosted a talk for Mr. Anton Tagliaferro, a Maltese-born and raised Investment Director who was featured in the book ‘The World’s 99 Greatest Investors’, on Tuesday 27th May at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, San Anton.

Jonathan Dalli, Founder & Managing Director of the Concept Stadium who co-organised the event, introduced Anton to the financial services practitioners who attended the talk. Mr Tagliaferro shared his experiences following his emigration to Australia. He started off his career in accountancy before working his way up in the funds management industry. In 1998, he founded Investors Mutual Limited, as a specialist Australian Equities fund manager, which today manages close to $5 Billion in equity. With over 25 years experience in the Financial Services industry, Mr Tagliaferro now heads an investment team of professionals based in Sydney, Australia.

The event was designed for Mr Tagliaferro to be able to share his views and ideas about delivering healthy consistent returns to financial services practitioners. The talk was followed by a networking session.  During his presentation, Anton shared his views and ideas about delivering healthy consistent returns, the difference between investing and speculating as well as the difference between information and knowledge when it comes to Investments.

Anton also signed copies of the book as well as dedicated some time for networking with guests.