The Concept Stadium, a local Creative Marketing Agency, is announcing its collaborative partnership with JCI Europe, the international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of young leaders and entrepreneurs throughout Europe. 

JCI Europe, serving as the regional representative of Junior Chamber International across 34 European countries, boasts a membership pool of over 25,000 proactive young citizens committed to driving positive societal change. The alignment of JCI Europe’s mission with The Concept Stadium’s core principles marks a significant milestone in both organisations’ efforts to empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and CEO of The Concept Stadium, remarked, “Our partnership with JCI Europe represents a strategic alliance aimed at leveraging our collective expertise and resources to support the organisation to continue inspiring young leaders across Europe. We are committed to elevate JCI Europe’s mission to forge new pathways for youth empowerment and future leadership in Europe.” 

The shared vision of JCI Europe and The Concept Stadium to instill a sense of active citizenship and encourage proactive societal engagement underscores the synergy and alignment between the two organisations. Together, they will collaborate to enhance communication strategies, broaden outreach initiatives, and cultivate an ecosystem conducive to the growth and development of future leaders and entrepreneurs. 

The Concept Stadium was founded back in 2010 and has since then grown from a team of two to a team of over 30 Commercial Creatives. Together they service clients in need of support with branding, web, digital and communications. As The Concept Stadium continues to grow, individuals who resonate with the values of innovation, creativity, and community impact are encouraged to explore career opportunities by checking the agency’s latest vacancies here.