The Concept Stadium, a local boutique marketing and consultancy company, has grown to accommodate two new roles within the organisation. Both roles have been taken up by existing staff members who over the years have shown the qualities and capabilities that each of these roles demand.

Lorraine Borg, who has been part of the Concept Stadium for 6 years, has taken on the new role of Head of Administration. The role includes Brand Curation as well as assisting the CEO with daily operations. With a background in both graphic design and client account management, Lorraine has grown to know the ins and outs of the marketing agency operations, and is a key team member within the company.

Ramona Cauchi, joined the Concept Stadium as a Graphic Designer in 2017. Throughout her impressive 12 year career, Ramona has created engaging visual concepts for a large number of clients, both locally and internationally. Her new role within the Concept Stadium as the Creative Studio Manager will now add resource management to her portfolio, assisting the Creative Director.

Both form part of the core management team, and bring together an abundance of experience in their respective disciplines. Jonathan Dalli, Founder and CEO at the Concept Stadium, said “It’s absolutely fantastic to see our own team members growing their skills and fulfilling their potential. Both colleagues have been pivotal in the company throughout the years, showcasing second-to-none commitment and a positive outlook that reflects well on the entire team. In addition, as I am a firm anti-quote believer, it is great to see two women thoroughly succeeding in their career, and being key team members at The Concept Stadium”.

The Concept Stadium has recently marked its 10th anniversary, in what has undoubtedly so far been the most trying year, facing the challenges of COVID-19, but more than that, losing co-founder Jonathan Chetcuti to illness. To this Jonathan Dalli added “Jon C would be smiling proudly at the team right now; a team who have shown great resilience together, and who continue to success adhering to his firm belief that there is no “I” in Team.”

With an ever-growing portfolio of trusted clients, The Concept Stadium is always on the look-out for brilliant commercial creatives.