Jonathan Dalli gives a presentation to Marketing Lecturers about what it means to be a commercial creative.

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and Managing Director at the Concept Stadium, delivered a presentation to a group of marketing lecturers from the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary about the Concept Stadium’s experience in the marketing industry and why the firm positions itself as a group of urbanites having commercial creative credentials.

Whilst hosting the lecturers at the firm’s offices in Naxxar, and speaking about the company’s ethos, Jonathan mentioned how as a start-up, the Concept Stadium had always looked at delivering visually appealing activations which also make business sense, which ultimately yield a return on investment from the client’s perspective.

“Marketing always starts with crafting a strategy and followed thereafter with a plan of action. In any activation or go-to-market campaign, we always strive to discuss with our client why we are proposing such a campaign, which allows us and the client to formulate a result in the form of KPIs which also keep us accountable in order to deliver the brand’s commercial priorities. After all, if it isn’t measurable if it cannot be managed.”Jonathan Dalli

Whilst discussing the company’s success and failures, from winning pitches to losing others, as well as landing international brands on the agency’s brand portfolio, Jonathan also mentioned the importance of keeping the think-thank fresh. Eight years down the line and with a team of commercial creatives including studio, digital, social, PR and web capabilities, the company still thinks of itself as a Start-Up in the way of thinking. The Concept Stadium operates in a mission-driven culture, bringing ideas to life and constantly pushing the envelope through innovation.