The team at the Concept Stadium, the boutique Marketing Consultancy firm, has come together to donate money towards the sponsorship of a young girl’s education in Ruiru, Kenya, as part of the company’s CSR strategy for 2016.

The sponsorship is made through, a Maltese voluntary organisation set up by Maria Stivala, one of the team members at the Concept Stadium, after doing voluntary work in the Ruiru, Kenya in 2014.

As sponsors, the Concept Stadium team will fund the child’s, Joyce Waitheria, school tuition fees, school bag & stationery, public exam fees, books, uniform, shoes, food and basic hygiene, such as soap and toothpaste

Jonathan Dalli, Founder & Managing Director, said in a brief comment, “I am so proud of the team who were all-in with this initiative from the get-go. It continues to show that we are less about talk, and more about real CSR action. CSR truly is at the heart of our Stadium. We now look forward to following Joyce’s progress in school”.

If you wish to learn more about sponsoring a child’s education in Kenya, please visit