The Concept Stadium, a local boutique marketing consultancy firm, has recently opened its new colourful premises at Hardrocks Business Park in Naxxar.

The leap comes four years after founders Jonathan Dalli and Jonathan Chetcuti kicked off the Concept Stadium, after being colleagues for years.

The decision to open new offices was a strategic one, the directors agreed. “For us, this allowed us to step up our game in terms of workforce and productivity, not just upgrading for more elbow room.”

“We are very proud and most of all humbled to acknowledge this step for us as a team, the culmination of a very eventful couple of years. Having founded the Concept Stadium just 4 years ago, we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress and growth that we have managed to achieve as a team, whilst remaining true to our promise of being boutique both in terms of service offering and client interface”.

Over the past couple of years the Concept Stadium was admitted as a strategic member of TAP-Knowledge Network. Furthermore, as part of the Stadium’s CSR strategy, the team assisted 2 NGOs in respect of their marketing requirements.

The firm also signed a collaboration agreement with Bianco Arancio, a cutting-edge group of Italian architects, interior designers and project managers that will enable the Concept Stadium to assist clients from a 360-degree view perspective when it comes to branding, project management, interior design and marketing execution.

To commemorate the event, the Concept Stadium team held a CSR-focused morning at Dar tal-Providenza, during which the team helped out the kitchen staff with their preparations of the meals for the residents.

“While it’s healthy to grow our company and our client base, our intention is to never take clients for granted, especially those supporters inside our Stadium”, concluded Jonathan Dalli and Jonathan Chetcuti.