The Concept Stadium, a boutique marketing consultancy agency based in Malta, was recently appointed the official Marketing and PR consultants of Hospice Malta. This onboarding followed the assistance extended to Hospice with its nation-wide fundraiser to sustain the vast array of services provided to their patients and their families on the popular TV programme, Xarabank. Hospice Malta is a local NGO that provides and promotes free palliative care for persons suffering from life-limiting illnesses.

“One of the value-propositions since our foundation 9 years ago, was to ensure we embark on a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility programme to reward the eco-system in which we operate,” said Jonathan Dalli, Founder & CEO at the Concept Stadium. “We are proud to have assisted Hospice Malta with their nationwide campaign for Xarabank, on a pro-bono basis, to contribute to their future plans of setting up and running of a complex dedicated entirely to providing free comprehensive palliative care to their patients. From my end personally and the rest of the team, it has been a great pleasure for us to work on this successful campaign, and we now look forward to embarking on a Public Perception Management Programme as the NGOs consultancy agency, in order to raise the profile of Hospice Malta and their sterling array of services via our Marketing and PR capabilities,” he concluded.

Hospice Malta Chairperson Ms. Maria Gatt thanked the Concept Stadium for their support and welcomed them as the newly appointed PR Consulting Agency. “Informing the general public about Hospice’s mission and services is crucial. The Concept Stadium will enable us to reach this goal. Their invaluable contribution will also help us to further raise much needed funds to support an increasing number of families who are passing through very difficult times. We are working actively on the planning phase of a complex which will be Malta’s first facility that will significantly enhance the present palliative care services to patients in their own homes and communities as well as through Hospice in-patient services.”

The team at the Concept Stadium genuinely believes that having a brand with a purpose is in line with the Commercial Creatives mantra at the company. Along the years, The Concept Stadium has assisted a number of organisations with their societal, environmental and/or marketing requirements in line with their service offering.