The Concept Stadium, a Creative Marketing Agency, has launched its new business purpose, aiming to continue to strengthen its market leadership position by launching a stronger value proposition for its team as well as its growing selection of clients.

The company has re-defined its mission statement with an emphasis on strengthening its core areas: Branding, Web, Digital and Marketing Communications, ensuring that it focuses on those tasks and projects where it excels the most. Through its new mission statement, it vouches that its team of Commercial Creatives understand the importance of supporting and establishing a brand as a market leader both in terms of aesthetic as well as return-on-investment, while putting its own creative people first.

This people first mentality is in fact one of the main points mentioned as part of the 6 core elements of the value proposition. The Concept Stadium invests in people that have the right attributes to form part of a multidisciplinary team of caring individuals that bring their own skills and capabilities into action. It is a Creative Marketing Agency that offers personalised services via a highly responsive team. It claims to be agile as it operates in a market conditioned by constant flux, all the while appreciating and emphasising the importance of keeping things simple whilst thinking out-of-the-box. While ensuring to remain true to the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive) premise, it thrives on honesty and trustworthiness that give it a sense of integrity, reliability and responsibility from and towards its client portfolio.

“Throughout the years, we have seen our Creative Marketing Agency grow both in terms of clients as well as in terms of team members. Given the agile industry we operate in, we felt the need to update our value proposition in order to make sure it aligns with both our strengths as well as the needs of the times we are operating in,” said Lorraine Borg, Head of Brand at The Concept Stadium. “Through our refined ways of working, as a team of Commercial Creatives, we aim to be open to new ideas, encourage pro-activity of people through ideas that challenge the status-quo, with a focus on output rather than time and led by the premise of agile marketing.”

The Concept Stadium strives to increase and sustain its company culture. In fact, when presenting this fresh value proposition to the team, Jonathan Dalli, CEO of The Concept Stadium, went into detail on the company’s employer value proposition. While explaining that The Concept Stadium gives higher priority to people who fit in to its team spirit than those who have an extensive experience, Dalli explained that he truly appreciates people who never hesitate to give feedback and who are open to also receive it and learn from it. “Yes, experience is an asset and an important thing to have, however, it’s not the be all and end all of a Commercial Creative. We find it more important to look at someone’s heart and what drives them – that is why our team feels more like a family than a standard place of work,” explained Dalli.

He mentioned how the team is made up of exciting and dynamic individuals that are always up for something new, that are ambitious and want to benefit from an environment that provides attractive opportunities for career growth, that embrace diversity and that celebrate their wins and losses together as a team. He also mentioned the importance of ensuring that the company offers its team members the work-life balance they deserve to enhance their quality of life and their need to fulfil their individual aspirations.