The Concept Stadium, a leading Creative Marketing Agency, is announcing its latest philanthropic endeavour in collaboration with the SiGMA Foundation’s G.L.O.W (Give Little Ones Wings) Campaign. The Maltese agency is proudly contributing to the foundation’s noble cause, focusing on aiding underprivileged children in Colombia affected by Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate.

The G.L.O.W Campaign, an innovative initiative by the SiGMA Foundation, aims to uplift disadvantaged children globally, addressing various challenges hindering their growth and development. The inaugural mission of this campaign is set to make a profound impact on the lives of children in Colombia, offering them hope and a brighter future.

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and CEO of The Concept Stadium, expressed his dedication to the cause, stating, “Supporting children in Colombia with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate resonates deeply with our company’s philosophy; and is our our first CSR activity for 2024. At The Concept Stadium, we believe that all we have is time – a principle that propels us to go beyond expectations and create positive change. The right to smile is something so intrinsically linked to this value, that we felt it was the right fit for contribution.”

The G.L.O.W Campaign’s primary mission involves a four-day trek through the Amazon, aptly named the Lost City Trek, scheduled for January 2024. This initiative aims to restore smiles and confidence in over 120 children by addressing their Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate conditions.

Partnering with Premium Care Kids, the SiGMA Foundation is committed to executing this impactful initiative, with each operation costing approximately €800. The Concept Stadium’s contribution demonstrates its unwavering commitment to philanthropy and societal betterment.

Highlighting the agency’s ongoing dedication to community initiatives, Dalli recalled recent efforts such as the Camino de Santiago Challenge in May 2022. This event raised €15,000 in support of the Jonathan Chetcuti Program, dedicated to building a school recreational grounds in Ethiopia. The agency’s involvement is a tribute to the memory of Jonathan Chetcuti, Co-Founder, and Guardian Angel of The Concept Stadium.

Moreover, in 2023, following Jonathan Dalli’s second Camino de Santiago Challenge, both The Concept Stadium Agency and The Jonathan Chetcuti Program made significant donations to Hospice Malta. These contributions, totalling €16,000 and €6,000 respectively, were supported in the run-up to the finalisation of the St Michael Hospice project, enabling Hospice Malta to continue offering exceptional palliative care to the local community, free of charge.

Founded in 2010, The Concept Stadium has evolved into a team of nearly 30 Commercial Creatives, dedicated to providing comprehensive marketing solutions. With a focus on branding, web, digital, and communications, the Creative Marketing Agency is also committed to making a positive impact through its work and philanthropic endeavours.