Five years ago today, the (then 2-person) Concept Stadium team dreamt of a virtual stadium where brands come to play. Jonathan Dalli was over-enthusiastic with strategy, whilst Jonathan Chetcuti was ever the visionary with colourful ideas.

Both had been in the marketing field for a number of years, but like any other young entrepreneurs, they really didn’t know what to expect. Over the course of the next 5 years, their business grew and so did their family.

Today, the squad brings together professionals from the Design, Marketing, IT & Management fields, to create a synergy that truly encompasses a 360-degree perspective of modern marketing.

Fortunately, referrals & repeat clients did the trick, and today the Concept Stadium represents some of the most loved brands worldwide.

So, cheers to our loyal clientele, who keep encouraging us to set the standards bar even higher.

To commemorate our 5th anniversary, the team organised a fun beach day with the children from the Ursuline Creche in Tarxien.

We look forward to keep serving our clients in the years to come and more importantly, today!