The Concept Stadium Founder and CEO, Jonathan Dalli, has just returned to Malta following travelling to Ethiopia in order to attend the inauguration of The Jonathan Chetcuti Recreational Ground as part of SiGMA Foundation’s 3-in-1 school building project.

Following the completion of the Camino de Santiago Challenge, Dalli raised just over €15,000 that were invested into the Outdoor Facilities of the school complex that will now start welcoming 700 students in Bonga, Ethiopia.

On the 30th April 2022, Dalli flew out to Spain to take on the Camino de Santiago challenge, walking a 130 kms journey from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela spread over 5 days. Prior to this journey, he spent weeks of daily preparation and training in order to ensure he completes this rewarding and enriching journey.

This project is the second project forming part of the portfolio of The Jonathan Chetcuti Program, set up by Dalli and Elaine Bonello, the wife of the late Jonathan Chetcuti. In 2021, the Program funded the growth journey of young sailor Richard Schultheis.

“The end of every project always brings with it a series of emotions. Attending the inauguration in Ethiopia has led me towards a new-found strength to continue working on worthy projects through The Jonathan Chetcuti Program, that keep the passions of my buddy, business partner and best friend alive and continue to honour him through a variety of initiatives that he would have loved to carry out himself,” said Dalli. “It was a pleasure taking on this challenge and being in Ethiopia, witnessing the hardships of such people yet also being part of a community of smiles, vibrancy, and energy. I look forward to future challenges that instil a positive feeling in the lives of people within our communities in Malta as well as abroad.”