the Jonathan Chetcuti Program Donation

the Jonathan Chetcuti Program Donation

Jonathan Chetcuti (1978-2020) was a passionate sports lover excelling in tennis and volleyball. He spent more than half his life playing competitive volleyball, obtaining more than 100 caps with the Malta National Volleyball team, of which he was captain from 2003 to 2012. During his career he won all top personal and team honours with three different teams. Jonathan was also the Co-Founder and now Guardian Angel of The Concept Stadium. Jon lost a hard fought battle to illness in May 2020, passing away aged 41.



Jonathan believed that sports was the foundation for life, or in his words “the university of my life”. The principles he learned from sports – dedication, determination, discipline, respect, camaraderie and above all, the importance of having fun – guided him throughout his life. This also led Jonathan to be one of the founders of The Concept Stadium, a company built on these same values he learned from, and inspired by, sport. Jonathan was privileged to have represented Malta three times at the Games of the Small Nations of Europe (Lichtenstein 1999, San Marino 2001, Malta 2003); and twice during the European Volleyball Championships (Malta 1998, Andorra 2002); an honour he deeply cherished.

One of Jonathan’s lifelong dreams was the setting up of a facility to help young athletes realise their potential, hone their talent, push themselves furtherand make their country proud. Wearing the shirt was of particular importance for Jonathan, both for his country and for his club/s.

Jonathan’s life may have been cut short, but his principles outlive him, in the various initiatives he spearheaded and in those around him. This initiative will keep Jonathan’s legacy alive and fulfills his dream to give back. This is our commitment.

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