10th Anniversary Branding

Finance Malta Industry: Financial

The Concept Stadium was appointed Marketing Partner for the FinanceMalta 10th Annual Conference which came at a crucial time for the financial services industry. In-line with the exciting new digital trends in finance, such as bitcoin, fintech and crowdfunding, our Design team conceived a contemporary and futuristic-looking conference key visual, which was also reflected in the overall branding of the conference, including an e-invitation, a 36-page conference programme, social media designs and custom signage during the event.


Branding Design & AV Digital & Social

Year: 2017

FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_00 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_01 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_02 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_03 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_04 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_05 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_06 case study FinanceMalta-10-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_07 case study

This is what they do...

FinanceMalta was set-up as a non-profit public-private initiative back in 2007 aimed at promoting Malta as an international business and financial centre within, as well as outside, Malta. FinanceMalta brings together the Finance industry and the relevant governmental representatives to ensure Malta maintains a modern and effective legal, regulatory and fiscal framework in which the financial services and fintech sector can continue to grow and prosper.

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