A Carnival Celebration Like No Other

Festivals Malta Industry: Services

With an ongoing pandemic, Malta had to adapt its traditional grandiose carnival celebrations to smaller, coordinated events that would still capture the essence of the festivities. The Concept Stadium had the pleasure to collaborate with Festivals Malta on several elements surrounding the Karnival ta’ Malta 2021 related events.

Together with Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia, The Concept Stadium led the concept behind the visuals for Karnival ta’ Malta 2021. These came about following a thought-out process that would combine some of the icons closest to the Maltese public’s heart. Pawlu Curmi, il-Pampalun, was chosen as the protagonist of the concept, also representing the King Carnival icon. The concept also features fireworks together with the phrase that has now made its way into common discourse “Xumm Pumm”, thanks to Joseph Mangion, il-Kapxi.

Apart from the leading the concept creation, our Commercial Creatives had the pleasure to work on several other products such as launch invites, the Festivals Malta carnival programme in both print and digital format, social media key visuals, billboard advert creation, web banners and also motion graphics.


Branding Design & AV Digital & Social

Year: 2021

Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-1_01 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-1_02 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-1_03 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-1_04 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-1_05 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-2_01 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-2_02 case study
Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-2_04 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-2_05 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-3_01 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-3_02 case study Festivals-Malta---Behance-2-slices-3_03 case study

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