A Seed in the heart of Malta

Baystreet Hospitality Ltd Industry: Hospitality

An upmarket brand design by The Concept Stadium. The Seed brand, for the fashionable restaurant within the 5-star Hyatt Regency Malta, was crafted to reflect the characteristics of the unique and contemporary dining experience it offers.

A distinguishable icon was created to complement the logo type, encapsulating various elements that make it up, including location, other uniquely-identifiable features such as the restaurant cladding, as well as the metallic copper chic colour. The team developed an in-depth presentation of the brand and its value proposition in the form of various marketing collateral.

These included a restaurant menu inspired by the upholstery patterns, and Social Media page designs inspired by bespoke photography, focusing on human touch & movement and food shots having minimal elements on patterned and textured backgrounds. This helped to focus on engagement with the audience and build relationships as part of the brand’s culinary journey.



Year: 2020

Seed_01 case study Seed_02 case study Seed_03 case study Seed_04 case study Seed_05 case study Seed_06 case study Seed_07 case study Seed_08 case study Seed_09 case study Seed_10 case study Seed_11 case study Seed_12 case study Seed_13 case study Seed_14 case study

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