Top Pizzaioli Face Off

AppleCore Foods Industry: HORECA

The Concept Stadium launched the Arla Malta Pizza Challenge, Malta’s first professional pizza competition, in 2015 and has been managing the now annual event ever since. The event takes the brand directly into the hands of its consumers, in a professional restaurant setting of pizzaioli.

Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_01 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_02 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_03 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_04 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_05 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_06 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_07 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_08 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_09 case study Arla-Pizza-Challenge-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_10 case study

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