Beauty Has a New Name

Roseberry Industry: Cosmetics & Retail

The Concept Stadium developed a new brand for Roseberry, with a distinct logotype that encapsulates the luxurious, yet accessible feel of the brand and targeting a predominantly female audience. The team was also responsible for the interior design of the beauty concept store in the heart of Valletta, covering three levels of makeup, skincare, fragrances and a champagne nail bar. The logo, the store and web channels all come together in a harmonious design.

RoseberryCS-Website-Portfolio_Masthead case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_01 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_02 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_04 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_05 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_06 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_07 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_08 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_09 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_10 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_11 case study Roseberry-x-CS_Website-Portfolio_12 case study

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