Bonnici Brothers Industry: Services

The Concept Stadium, proudly re-branded Bonnici Bros. Ltd, providing a multitude of services to private, commercial, industrial and national construction sectors. A contemporary brand, yet reflective of the company’s legacy, was conceptualised, coupled with clean lines and solidity, and the play of white space in order to give the identity a more established presence. In addition, the Concept Stadium designed and developed a new, customer-centric website for Bonnici Brothers, offering easier and quicker access to essential information about the company, with a clear visual element of their product and project offering.

Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_01 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_02 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_03 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_04 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_07 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_08 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_10 case study Bonnici-x-CS__WebsitePortfolio_11 case study

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