Branding and Promoting Malta’s Free Palliative Care Service


Hospice Malta





Hospice Malta is an NGO whose primary role is to provide free palliative care services to patients suffering from cancer, motor-neuron disease, end-of-life, cardiac, renal, and liver diseases. Year on year, the NGO hosts a telethon titled Bl-Imħabba Naslu to raise funds to be able to continue providing its free service through the opening of St Michael Hospice, Malta’s first palliative care complex. The Concept Stadium was engaged in 2021 to brainstorm the brand and concept behind the telethon through which it was given its name: “Bl-Imħabba Naslu”. Since then, the Creative Marketing Agency has worked on evolving and growing the brand of the telethon with every edition that followed.

One core element of the work done around the Hospice Malta telethon is definitely that of creating an eye-catching and attractive brand. Our Creative Studio team adapted the Hospice Malta main brand and used its core elements, predominantly colour palette as well as the use of the sunflower element to change up the conference visuals when compared to the previous year. This step ensured to keep the brand alive and evolving.

While there was a strong social media and digital campaign running prior to the telethon itself, during the telethon day our Commercial Creatives were present to keep the public notified and engaged via social media platforms and digital campaigns.

The Concept Stadium also supports Hospice Malta with its website ensuring it is user-friendly, visually appealing, and consistent with the brand and its initiatives. During the Bl-Imħabba Naslu telethon period, a landing page specifically on the telethon was developed, designed, and curated in order to explain to the general public why they should donate money towards this cause.

Promotional material around the telethon was designed, printed, and installed in several popular locations around the island, as well as displayed on local billboards. Additionally, the PR and Communications team pooled in their efforts to ensure that local media received important updates related to Hospice Malta and its plans via press releases and promotional campaigns on multiple news websites.

The Concept Stadium was also behind the social media and public relations efforts around the Wear Yellow for Hospice campaign, encouraging businesses to entice their team members to donate to Hospice Malta and wear a yellow item of clothing to the office for a day. Our Commercial Creatives also proudly organised their own Wear Yellow for Hospice Day to continue supporting this wonderful organisation with a big heart.

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