Branding Malta’s Latest Cybersecurity Scheme







After being approached by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), The Concept Stadium’s Commercial Creatives started their ideation process to create the identity for MDIA’s freshest platform called Mind the Gap: a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Scheme. Mind the Gap is an extremely useful tool for e-Commerce platforms that want to identify cybersecurity breaches, at no cost. It identifies and analyses the strengths and weaknesses of their platform, with the option of obtaining an acknowledgment receipt by a National Authority that may then also be shared with the public.

Our Commercial Creatives hit the ground running in order to create an identity that truly represents the platform and its scope. They started off with identifying inspiration for the visuals, predominantly the famous “MIND THE GAP” symbol within the London underground and a typical G letterform.

The Mind the Gap logo is primarily a broken circle, visually implying the gap within an e-Commerce platform’s Cybersecurity, while the square represents the platform itself aiming to fill that gap—the solution to the problem.

Following the creation of the brand identity, our Commercial Creatives devised a strategy focused on raising awareness about the platform, starting with advertising on Google. The Creative Designers within our Creative Studio created attractive and clickable visuals that garner the viewers’ interest, while our Digital team focused on targeting the advertising towards the right audience.

Apart from the Digital efforts, our Social team then worked with our Creative Designers to create impactful social media campaigns and visuals, one that also catch the viewers attention and grow MDIA’s social media presence.

Finally, The Concept Stadium also supported with the storyboarding and the script for an animated video that is being used on the MDIA’s dedicated landing page, and aims to guide interested e-Commerce platform owners on the Mind the Gap scheme and its uses.

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