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Xara Collection





ROSAMÍ, one of the Xara Collection’s culinary experiences, aims to break down the walls of fine dining idealism and create an experiential space with exquisite flavours, fragrance and a feast for all the senses. The restaurant employs a team of young and professional chefs led by Chef Cliff Borg, and offers a menu that merges inspiration from their childhood memories, personal experiences, travels and love for food.

The Concept Stadium’s Commercial Creatives were approached by the Xara Collection to brainstorm a name and ideate a brand that would embody this culinary experience and tell its story.

The name ROSAMÍ is inspired by the delicate and majestic nature of the rose flower, while the word AMÍ signifies the celebration of friendship. This thinking was then transported from words to visuals with the logo design that looks like an unfolded rose and the delicate colour palette selected.

Following brand identity and design, The Concept Stadium’s Creative Studio worked on brand guidelines that will guide the brand’s evolution in the coming years, while ensuring it remains consistent and recognisable. Our Commercial Creatives were also responsible for the restaurant’s menu concept and menu design, as well as the restaurant’s directional signage.

The Concept Stadium’s Web Team also contributed to this project, as they designed and launched a website that aligns with the same inspiration for the brand and the concept of the restaurant. The website homepage immediately launches you into the brand story, helping you understand ROSAMÍ as a brand and the experience that it is ready to offer you.

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