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With its journey starting in 1957, Dove has evolved to be more than just the famous and revolutionary cleansing bar that is strongly endorsed by dermatologists across the world. Apart from introducing several other Dove products throughout the years, for over 17 years Dove has also made it its mission to make beauty a source of confidence, rather than anxiety, insisting that it should not be defined by shape, size, or colour, but that it should be authentic, unique, and real.

This revolution of beauty standards can be seen in many marketing campaigns and activations all around the world, including in Malta. As the Creative Marketing Agency that oversees marketing activations for Unilever products in Malta, The Concept Stadium had the golden opportunity to take an international message by a famous brand and localise it via the global tagline “Let’s Change Beauty”.

With the scope of placing at the forefront everyday women that are not shying away from being their authentic selves, our Commercial Creatives hit the ground running by identifying a hashtag that would help localise the campaign, specifically in the Maltese language: “Jiena Sabiħa Kif Jien”.

This was followed by a photoshoot with several women who were only asked to do one thing in front of the camera: “be themselves”.

From the photoshoot and key motivational messages shared by the women featured in the shoot itself, our team extracted a marketing and public relations campaign that allowed the message to be spread via different mediums for different target audiences. From social media posts to bus shelter advertising and billboards all around the islands, this campaign wanted to scream one and one thing only: you are beautiful, just the way you are, and it wanted to do so predominantly in Maltese.

During the photoshoot itself, our team oversaw taking behind the scenes photos and video shots that were then shared via behind-the-scenes posts on social media, to showcase the process of the shoot and how these women were allowed to simply express themselves authentically.

Our Public Relations and Corporate Communications team supported with the publishing of a viral article on local news platform Lovin’ Malta. On the other hand, our Digital & Social team extracted messages and statements from the women featured in the campaign that were then shared on social media platforms and Google advertising alongside the photos. This was done in an additional effort to help inspire other women, not just through the images, but also through the accompanying messages that instilled hope and inspired others to be authentic too.

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