No Excuses

Eurosport Industry: Retail

The Concept Stadium was entrusted by local sports retail brand Eurosport, to conceptualise and execute a campaign that would attract people to adopt an active lifestyle, whilst simultaneously creating a brand building campaign. The campaign focused on a simple call to action or rather a battle cry: ‘No Excuses’ with the main aim being that of dumping the couch and hitting the trails or the gym.

Using Above-the-Line and Influencer Marketing techniques, the motivational campaign increased its reach thanks to the endorsement of celebrities, who promoted a series of inspirational messages; as well as athletes and other personalities who shared their experience as to how they achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite their hectic routine, thanks to a bespoke photo-shoot and audio-visual production.


Design & AV

Year: 2018

Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_01 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_02 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_03 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_04 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_05 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_06 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_07 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_08 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_10 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_11 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_12 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_13 case study Eurosport-NoExcuses__WebsiteES-BTC-Portfolio_14 case study

This is what they do...

The Concept Stadium was entrusted by Eurosport, a local sports retail brand to conceptualise and execute a campaign for people to ‘Challenge Their Limits’ by adopting an active lifestyle. The campaign centred around inspirational marketing predominantly on influencers’ social media channels and out of home advertising.

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