Felix Purina It’s Great to Be a Cat







Felix is a brand of cat food owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare. The brand’s cat mascot, Felix, is portrayed as an illustrated black and white cat and is predominantly featured in the brand’s marketing efforts.

The Concept Stadium was tasked by Nestlé Purina PetCare to activate the Felix ‘It’s Great to be a Cat’ campaign in Malta, using Global Nestlé Brand Assets. Felix partnered up with cat lover Robbie Williams to create a dynamic duo and an entertaining campaign showcasing why it’s really great to be a cat.

Our commercial creatives developed a marketing strategy to launch this campaign of irresistible cat food and treats to satisfy the needs of loveable, mischievous cats. Using Global Nestlé Assets, we sought to drive consideration for Felix through the power of celebrity endorsement, excitement, and entertainment.

Additionally, we capitalised on the brand slogan ‘It’s Great To Be A Cat’, feeding moments that simply make cats smile. As part of this campaign, the brand marketing production was promoted through Television Commercials, Radio, YouTube advertising as well as Social Media.

Building upon the Robbie Williams campaign, the Concept Stadium also activated an element of content sharing to provide shoppers with an additional incentive to engage with the Felix brand.

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