Growing Keenness on the Pros of Digital Banking


Malta Financial Services Authority





Teaching the general public about banking and its ways is not an easy task, especially when this needs to be done in a simplified manner and using bite-size information for easy consumption. Understanding the need to engage an agency, MSFA approached The Concept Stadium to support its educational campaign on the perks and benefits of digital banking.

Following analysis of the topic, our Commercial Creatives put together a diverse campaign bringing together Web and Social as well as marketing and promotional collateral.

The campaign saw the creation of a landing page that served as a one-stop-shop for all those ready and willing to learn all about the benefits of digital banking. Through Social Media, the public was made aware of the main points of benefit and then led to the website for more detailed information and explanations.

The team also recognised the need to create motion graphics that through animation explain these benefits of digital banking. This recognising the fact that audio visuals also have the capability of garnering more attention from the public scrolling on social media.

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