Lynx – Epic You

Unilever UK Ltd. Industry: FMCG

The Concept Stadium is the Marketing Representative of Unilever’s personal care brands, including LYNX. During the UEFA Euro 2016, we conceptualised the empowering LYNX Malta #EpicYou activation, building an entire above-the-line and digital marketing campaign around a hashtag. In 2015, the LYNX outdoor activation took place during the Sunglasses at Night events, where the audience could engage with the brand while posing with promoters paparazzi-style. The outdoor activation was also extended to in-store promotions and a social media activation.

The #EpicYou activation was a successful one locally and was even adapted in other markets overseas.

Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_00 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_01 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_02 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_03 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_04 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_05 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_06 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_07 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_08 case study Lynx-Epic-You-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_09 case study

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