Fit For Royalty

Kingsway Industry: Retail

Managing the digital marketing activations for Kingsway, including their social media channels constantly whets our appetite. Delivering quality and visually appealing content engages the end user as much as their menu! Moreover, event organisation and management ensured that the brand achieved the best engagement with the target audiences, including local influencers acting as brand endorsers.

Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Masthead case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_01 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_02 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_03 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_04 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_05 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_06 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_07 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_08 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_09 case study Kingsway-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_10 case study

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