Oh My Knorr – A Tasteful Campaign

Unilever UK Ltd. Industry: FMCG

The Concept Stadium has the pleasure of working with Unilever’s food brands such as Knorr. In Q4 2016 we kicked-off the winter home-cooking season with the Oh My Knorr disruptive marketing campaign conceived inside our studio.

The promotional campaign included custom-designed in-store installations and activations, print media advertising, advertorials, marketing collateral, vehicle livery and social media, amongst others.

Oh-My-Knorr-CS-Website-Portfolio_Masthead case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_01 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_02 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_03 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_04 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_05 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_06 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_07 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_09 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_10 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_11 case study OMK-Knorr-x-CS__Website-Portfolio_12 case study

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