Pepsi Island Takeover







Pepsi has unveiled a new global visual identity system to celebrate its 125-year history and adapt to the current era. The updated logo, inspired by designs from the ’60s, ’80s, and ’90s, features the ‘Pepsi’ wordmark inside the yin-yang globe, reminiscent of its classic look.

This refreshed identity introduces modern elements like electric blue and black to the colour palette, adding a contemporary flair. The signature Pepsi pulse embodies the dynamic spirit of the brand. This rebranding marks the start of a bold new era for Pepsi, focusing on design, storytelling, and partnerships that align with its philosophy of being “Thirsty for More”.

Localising a global brand launch is a task that requires market knowledge and deep diving into the Maltese fast moving consumer platform. Following a 360–degree marketing activation plan, the challenge was to have the brand presented in a visual format in most customer touchpoints in Malta. Having the customer aware of the brands new look and feel will help in a continuous brand recall.

The Commercial Creatives adapted an “Island Takeover” approach where a nationwide marketing campaign was brought to life by booking a number of indoor and outdoor spaces. This included branding of POS material in a number of supermarkets, bus wrapping as well as advertising on billboards and bus shelters. Simultaneously, sponsoring a number of local and international events also helped in ensuring an end-to-end customer activation.

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