Re-Positioning Hospice Malta on the NGO Map

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A rebrand of one of Malta’s most notable NGO’s, Hospice Malta, who offer free palliative care services and support to patients and families in Malta and Gozo.

Designed to generate brand awareness and consolidate recognition in a cluttered NGO-space, the new Hospice Malta brand was developed across multiple media and campaigns, from print media, to out of home, digital and social. The Concept Stadium Digital Team also manage the Hospice Malta Facebook page in line with KPIs typically focusing on 3 main content pillars; Services, Fundraising and Volunteering.

Public Relations of Hospice Malta was also entrusted to the Concept Stadium team who manage the perception of the brand both online and offline; including Press Conferences and Launch of the new St. Michael Hospice – Malta’s first state-of-the-art palliative care centre; covering 11,000 square metres and valued at around €8 million.

More recently the Concept Stadium took on the web project of designing an entirely new and more user-friendly website for Hospice Malta, bringing it in line with the brand, enabling a more streamlined User-Experience focusing on Donations.

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This is what they do...


Hospice Malta, a notable NGO in Malta, offer free palliative care services and support to patients and families in Malta and Gozo. The raison d’etre of Hospice Malta is guided by the philosophy and principles of palliative care as expounded by the WHO. Hospice Malta offers its services through a professional multidisciplinary team along with the assistance of a number of volunteers. The patient-centered palliative care offered, targets the relief of pain and other physical symptoms, as well as emotional, psycho-social, and spiritual issues. The yellow sunflower is the symbol of the hospice movement, depicting compassion, with the seeds at the centre of the sunflower representing the patients, surrounded by petals representing the care and respectful dignity of palliative care.

and what they say about us.

Through The Concept Stadium we learned the true value of proper social media management and custom marketing campaigns. The team quickly gained understanding of Hospice Malta’s requirements and through their professional approach, the right audience was targeted to create more awareness about the services we provide. The continued marketing efforts continue to provide a very positive impact. I highly recommend the professional, creative team at The Concept Stadium! Kenneth Delia, CEO Hospice Malta

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