Rebranding Kore Group’s diverse ventures under one umbrella


Kore Group





The Concept Stadium took on the challenge of rebranding Kore Group, a local group of companies that operates within the catering, health and academy services. Our goal was to create a consistent brand identity that combined Kore Group’s diverse ventures under one umbrella.

One of the main focal points of our rebranding effort was the creation of a captivating brand identity that captured Kore Group’s values and vision. After thorough research and brainstorming, our Commercial Creatives crafted a unique brand identity that symbolised the group’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The brand identity features a modern design with subtle elements that represent each of Kore Group’s core pillars: Catering, Health and Academy Services. The use of a consistent group icon across all variations of the brand identity ensures brand recognition and unity.

We paid attention to detail, ensuring that the logo was adaptable to various applications and sizes while maintaining its visual impact. From digital platforms to corporate stationery and merchandise, the brand identity serves as a powerful symbol of Kore Group’s identity and values.

With our expertise in branding and design, Kore Group now has a distinctive brand identity that effectively communicates its brand story and sets it apart in the competitive market-place. The Concept Stadium team also designed and developed a mobile-responsive corporate website showing the diversified portfolio of KORE Group and the various operational pillars in an easy-to-navigate way for website users.

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