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Zaar Industry: Financial

Every few years, a brand might find itself needing a makeover to come out stronger, fresher and more attractive to those who can benefit from its services. Recognising this need, Zaar, Malta’s leading crowdfunding platform approached The Concept Stadium to help with revamping its brand and also relaunching a more user-friendly and visually appealing website.

Our Commercial Creatives banded together to create a sleek new logo, brand application and guidelines, revamped the website and provided marketing consultancy via social media artworks, content and more. The team also came up with the tagline “funding ideas”, encapsulating the value-proposition of Zaar in a distinctive typographical format.

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This is what they do...

Zaar believes that great ideas should go far, and its mission is to provide the space for that to happen. They offer the best space for idea creatives and supporters to develop and contribute to projects.

The Malta Business Bureau and the University of Malta set up the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI), wherein Zaar is the first offering: a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platform to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. Zaar offers an alternative solution to raise finance for projects and business ideas.

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