The first online-only supermarket Industries: Retail, Supermarkets

An online-only supermarket designed and developed at The Concept Stadium as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly due to the lack of e-supermarkets’ timeslots following a surge in demand. Developed with a mobile-first philosophy, resulting in seamless user experience across all devices, its flat design allows for a more streamlined and efficient interface.


· Cart contents linked to account, enabling cross-device shopping;
· Product category navigation always visible, including section highlighting on page-scroll;
· Ability for users to choose preferred delivery slot, with live indicators for availability;
· Multiple address options, allowing users to differentiate order delivery to different addresses (eg. purchasing for elderly relatives and home/office);
· Address autofill with postcode entry;
· Reordering functionality and tagging of favourite products;
· Voucher redemption on future orders;
· QR code tagging of shelving in conjunction with product barcoding to facilitate easy pick-up and precise selection of shopping cart items (in conjunction with clients’ IT team and stock system/hardware supplier).

Aside from designing a clean and simple brand identity for this online-only supermarket, The Concept Stadium was also entrusted with taking this brand to the market through its digital activations, including e-newsletters, Google AdWords campaign, and various banners and skin wraps of third-party portals. The launch campaign was substantially boosted through its social media presence which included precise targeting to a niche of customers in both Maltese and English. From a PR perspective, a number of below-the-line activations were developed in conjunction with eCabs including press releases and AV production.

In addition, a campaign on the Lovin Malta portal was implemented to highlight the additional functionality and novelties in user experience. The team also took a Guerrilla marketing approach for the brands’ in-store installation by branding the local milk carton ensuring a circulation on 450,000 nationwide brand circulation.

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