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The Concept Stadium is an award-winning Creative Marketing Agency that's made up of over 20 phenomenal Commercial Creatives coming from a variety of backgrounds including Web, Social Media & Digital, PR & Communications and Graphic & Audio Visual Design. With over 12 years of experience, The Concept Stadium is equipped to take a brand from its design and development stage to launching it to any audience.

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Form part of a young and growing team! With us, you're more than just a number.
Achieve a true work-life balance. Having time for personal passions is important to us!
Our offices are fun, bright, and full of life, factors that help creativity shine.
Participate in a variety of awesome events starting from pool days in summer, to office BBQs and Gin themed events.
We invest in your creative knowledge journey and encourage you to not be afraid to share your innovative ideas.


Here’s what our past interns had to say about their time at
The Concept Stadium!

  • Fabiola Ponce Gonzalez

    During my time at The Concept Stadium, I had the opportunity to learn from a team of highly skilled and committed professionals. Thanks to their leadership and dedication, I have improved my skills and developed new skills that will help me grow as a person and as a professional, and I am sure that I will continue to apply what I have learned during this internship throughout my career and in many aspects of my life.

    I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you have given me and to have been part of this great team, for making this adventure so exciting and for showing me what a team with a heart looks like. I can only say thank you so much to The Concept Stadium for being so authentic.

  • Kimberly Cachia
    BFA in Digital Arts

    I have learned and gained valuable insight into the creative industry throughout these past two months. Especially, seeing the process, from a brief to a social media post.

  • Liam McKay
    Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

    As a digital and social media intern, my experience at The Concept Stadium has been both exciting and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic nature of the role, which allowed me to engage with various digital platforms and explore diverse social media strategies. I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in the dynamic world of digital marketing and social media, gaining hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

    From day one, the team was there to give me support and were always ready to lend a helping hand. The fast-paced nature of the work, allowed me to adapt and learn quickly.Overall, the internship exceeded my expectations, providing a valuable blend of creativity, analytics, and teamwork that has undoubtedly contributed to my professional growth.